Queens Road Wellbeing Station
183 Queens Road
CV11 5NB
Telephone: 024 76386039

Meet the Board

Ivy Martin-Flaven
I  joined the board around a year ago as a retired volunteer from a Birmingham based Housing association. I had been a volunteer for over sixteen years working in the Mental Health sector. I have seen many changes over this time and have always worked hard to support people to accept change and view the positive opportunities change can bring. I am excited about the new charity and believe my experience will benefit the charity and the people we aim to serve.

My experience of working with disadvantaged people has shown me that accessing life opportunities can give so much pleasure to people. Whilst undertaking my volunteer duties I had the great pleasure of undertaking opportunities that I would not normally have done. Examples of this are day trips, taster session in arts and crafts, planning and supporting sporting events, visiting art museums etc. the list is endless.

My main skills are in negotiation and literature. I have excellent literacy skills and believe this will benefit the charity in writing and accessing funding bids and grants. I am a good ambassador and love meeting with people.


Mike Greenway
I have been a board member of the Nuneaton Charity for over fifteen years. For the last eight years I have been the treasurer and have managed the day to day running of the charity working with the accountants to ensure the books are prepared and audited correctly.

My experience is in the financial part of the charity has given me opportunities to work with solicitors and accountants and I believe this has given me skills to support the new charity in the same professional manner. As with most financial people I enjoy working with numbers and figures knowing my part in this is assisting the charity to support disadvantaged people.

My skills in preparing full cost recovery bids and grants will enable the charity to ensure that new tenders, grants or bids are viable and will achieve their aims and objectives.


Olive Byhurst
I have been Chairman of the Nuneaton Charity for over ten years. During this time I have worked alongside Social Services and the Primary Care Trust when working in the contract culture. I have had to negotiate contracts to ensure the charity was performing to the required standard. My skills of organisation planning and firm talking have helped to ensure the charity is successful to date. The new charity will build on the experience of the old charity and I will bring my experience to the table to support disadvantaged groups in our Community skills.

As well as being the chair of the charity I have raised a family and am a grandmother to two wonderful children. Part of being a family person I have come into contact with many people that require support and guidance and I have encouraged them to take positive steps in their lives. I fully intend to bring this positive attitude to the new charity and we will support people who are placed at a disadvantage in the community.


Norma Morris
I have lived and worked in the Bedworth area for over 15 years. I previously worked at a local Travel Agents and have supported families to access activities that bring pleasure to their lives. Day trips and Holidays are part of the Leisure services which I served and my skills in organising and arranging will be very useful to the new charity. I am relatively new to working within a charity setting but have been volunteering in a Resource cafe for people with Mental Health Problems for over two years. I have found this work rewarding and wish to continue to work with the charity to ensure this type of service continues and that people who access them are give more life opportunities.

I am a very good listener and communicator. I consider myself to care about everyone and I believe my principals of equality and fairness will support the work of the charity.


John Jayne
John has been part of the committee for over fifteen years. He is a local man and was employed as a miner in the local mines. John is keen on the internet and supports the charity effortlessly in this area.