Queens Road Wellbeing Station
183 Queens Road
CV11 5NB
Telephone: 024 76386039

Mission Statement

The objects of our association are:

(a) to promote the preservation of mental health and to assist on relieving and rehabilitating persons suffering from mental disorder or conditions of emotional or mental distress requiring advice or treatment without distinction of race, gender, disability, sexual orientation or religion;

(b) advancing education and raising awareness in equality and diversity;

In furtherance of the objects the trustees have the powers:
(a) promoting activities to foster understanding between people from diverse backgrounds;
(b) conducting or commissioning research on equality and diversity issues and publishing the results to the public;
(c) cultivating a sentiment in favour of equality and diversity;
(d) to do anything else within the law which promotes or help to promote the objectives.

Our charity was 50 years old in 2011 and has been recently relaunched to support individuals via developing projects and resources that will enhance their lives. We have seen many new initiatives come and go over time but we have always stayed true to our work as we have the evidence to prove the difference we have made in individuals lives.

As a volunteer led organisation we support older people, people physical disabilities, people with learning disabilities and people experiencing mental distress.

We facilitate a drop in session every Monday afternoon and bring in professionals to provide advice & support in areas of interest or concern.

Recently we have undertaken a heritage project supporting our clients on trips to places such as the Black Country Museum to understand our local history and provide new opportunities and experiences

Our users have provided positive feedback:

“Thanks so much for this, I never go anywhere when’s the next one!”

“Thank you for putting me in contact with the right place; I feel a lot better now I am now talking to the right people”

As time passes by the increasing costs of activities and the ever increasing Health & Safety & Legal responsibilities are putting a strain on our capacity to deliver projects. As a volunteer run organisation we find ourselves spending increase time on paperwork and less with people! If we apply for grants we are competing against professional fundraisers and our grassroots heartfelt approach often is unappreciated in this new ‘professional’ world of funding.

Our trustees have many years of experience of aiding people who need support and as one trustee stated, `I have seen many changes over this time and have always worked hard to support people to accept change and view the positive opportunities change can bring.

Feedback from our members is the basis of our work, many of whom have been supported for many years by statutory and community services. People are thus now being effected by funding cuts and are not adapting well in this output orientated world and we are finding that we are needed to bridge the gap

For example many of our clients wish to continue more traditional social activities such as trips, non accredited training or just talking over a coffee. We have been told that members of the group who live on their own would not go on a trip due to the fear of travelling alone, but would feel comfortable joining the rest of the group on a trip but cost is a big barrier.

These are not attractive outputs for funders but we have shown that by supporting people in these initial areas we have successfully progressed people towards recovery, services and further opportunities.

If you would like to support our work we are asking for donations to cover the costs of our work. We wish to provide support and advice, trips and more traditional drop in activities that will have the impact of:

  • Bridging the gap towards progression, recovery & opportunities.
  • Providing new opportunities and experiences.
  • Providing consistent support to those in need.